Welcome to the home page for the local APA Pool League in the Mid West Oregon Region.  We are the M.Y.P.L.A.Y.E.R.S. APA League - which stands for Marion, Yamhill, Polk, Linn/Benton (counties) and You Eager ones aRe uS.  Come join the fun!!!  Everyone Can Play...Anyone Can Win!       Put together a team of your own or just sign up to join a team that is looking for someone new.


Renew your 2015 APA membership fee online and you get 5 Gold Stars. Gold Stars may be used for APA Civil War entry fee ($35 on Feb. 21 & 22 this year), APA Chinook Winds entries ($50 for April 16-19 for 8-ball this year), Singles Qualifier entries ($20-$40 depending on promotion) or purchase APA pool apparel or pool supplies. Also may be used for chances in a draw for free trip to Vegas in end of April. Spring session starts up the week of January 4th -8th. If you do not renew online prior to session start - you will need to pay and turn in a completed application with team packet the first night that you play in a match. Welcome to the New Year Pool Players!!!


 HAPPY NEW YEAR APA PLAYERS - Spring session starts January 4-8.  Teams may add players up until January 30th.




GOING ONLINE TO PAY YOUR 2015 MEMBERSHIP FEES WILL GARNER YOU FIVE GOLD STARS!!! Need help getting on – give me a call.    Randee Lee 503-362-0133

You can use the join/signup choice at top of this webpage to do so. If you do not have a team and want to play - please call or message me - several teams still need players.

We are now using a new 3 point scoring system for 8-ball. click here for attachment.  

Visit APA's Official YouTube Channel




Visit APA's Official YouTube Channel

Yearly Membership fees are $25 - due on all players returning from previous years play or brand new to the league.
Weekly team fees are $35 for the 5 players who play that week to split ($7 a head per match).  Anyone who brings 4 new players into the league on their team will get their 2015 membership fee paid.                      


Teams always need new players (especially lower skilled or beginners needed!!!)  Call me to see what nights players are needed. 


Randee Lee 503-362-0133 or email: rlee973@gmail.com


Sunday Dbl. Jep. (8 & 9-ball played side by side) teams play at 1:00pm

Monday 8-ball only plays at 7:00pm        

Marion Tuesday Dbl. Jep. (8 & 9-Ball played side by side) plays at 7:00pm

Yamhill county Tuesday 8-ball only plays at 7:00pm 

Yamhill county Dbl. Jep. now available as well ON TUESDAYS


Polk county Tuesday 8-ball only plays at 7:00pm


Marion, Yamhill and Polk Thursday 9-ball teams play at 7:00pm 


JUNIOR LEAGUE (players under 21) at Jake's in Salem or at Kolby's in Keizer on Saturdays at 1:00pm for kids and parents or adults to partner up with.    Session will start again in FALL 2014 depending on interest.


Contact Randee Lee 503-362-0133 

Yearly membership fees ($25) due for all new and returning players  - the first week they play in the new session - (Juniors only pay $10).  


Grab some friends, family or co-workers and put together your own team AND start having fun playing weekly league pool. :)  

Established teams always looking for new players as well- ESPECIALLY BEGINNERS AND LOW SKILL LEVEL PLAYERS. 


Benton, Linn, Marion, Polk, Yamhill
8-Ball Junior, 8-Ball Open, 9-Ball Open


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